Medical Malpractice Discounts – Are you maximizing yours?

Hi, my name is Casey Allen and I am a Professional Medical Liability Underwriter. I am her to talk to you about Medical Malpractice discounts – Are you maximizing yours?

When searching for insurance its important to make sure you are receiving all the discounts you deserve! Here are some of the most common opportunities for savings….

Board Certification – Available to licensed medical professionals who complete their board certification. A 5-10% discount is typical but this number varies from carrier to carrier

New Doctor Discount – This applies to practicing physicians who are just starting out. A 50% discount for the first year is common; however, it is critical to take advantage because after the first year of practice this discount will no longer be available

Claims Free Discount – If you have not had a claim in 3, 5, or 10 years depending on the carrier, discounts as much as 40% annually could be provided

Part-Time Discounts – Again, discounts can vary by carrier but the majority offer discounts that range from 25-50% for physicians working 20 hours or less per week

Risk Management Credits – If you are willing to participate in various risk management courses, premium discounts may be available. Carriers are willing to give these discounts due to a better understanding of precautionary measures, which many prevent claims in the future.

Deductible – It might be possible to decrease your premium in exchange for retaining a portion of the risk on your policy. Many carriers can offer discounts in exchange for a deductible.

Additional Discounts – and last but not least, most carriers have additional discounts available that may be specific to their underwriting guidelines. These discounts can be associated with a number of other factors that can reduce your premium.

I hope these tips will help you in receiving the best possible premium when it comes to your malpractice insurance policy! Stay tuned for more posts on similar topics that may benefit you!