Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students-Filing a claim
Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students-Filing a claim

Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students-Filing a claim

Medical malpractice is a term that refers to negligence caused by medical practitioners in their line duty. Since such neglect can cause bodily harm or injury to a patient, the victim may report the case and probably go to court. Sometimes, a doctor, nurse, technician or an internship student may make a mess in their professional career. The trouble might be considered as a deviation from standard practices and lead to some claims. So, to avoid such inevitable liabilities, it is advisable to have a Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students and doctors. In the event of an incident, here is how to file a claim.

Record all material facts

In case a patient initiates or is about to make a claim, you need to contact your insurance carrier. Remember, various insurance companies have different ways of filing claim. However, their policy document might list the procedures and policies that can guide you through the process. As a policyholder, it is advisable to record all material facts in the accident scene to make the entire claim process as stress-free as possible. You need to list how the incident occurred, when and to whom it occurred. You also need to document any mistakes that you might have done, names/addresses of witnesses plus the patients as well as the exact nature that caused the injury or damage. Don’t accept liability or admit to pay any monies.

In the event of a legal case

Sometimes, a claim might be made several days after the occurrence of an incident depending on the nature of the 
damage caused. For instance, if you are a dentist and a patient suffers loss of teeth due to your negligence, the victim might file the claim later. Many will try to do so through the courts. In such an event, you may be summoned by the courts to defend your case. The same procedure applies here; don’t panic, just contact your insurer and advise them about the pending case. They will need to see the court documents that you received from the court clerk. Therefore, make some copies and send to them via email, fax or post office.

Your personal liability and Treatment of legal costs

Depending on your policy, some insurer might include the court legal costs. You must enquire this when buying the Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students, Doctors and Nurses. However, you will never be personally liable for any claim unless you are inadequately covered or not covered at all. Remember, some policies cover for claims arising from harms/injuries/losses that happened when your policy was still in force irrespective of whether it is current active. Always buy a Professional Malpractice Insurance cover that caters for medical expenses, property damages and bodily injuries in a comprehensive manner. A package that covers some elements while leaving the rest could land you in a disaster.

Victim compensation

Claims made against a doctor, intern student's, physician or any other medical experts are examined on case-to-case basis. It is the work of the Insurance Company to investigate each incident to avoid fraud. Once all the material facts have been proved and the claim is within what is covered by the policy, the patients will receive a full compensation within a few days. Also, after the payment is made to a patient and he/she is satisfied with the settlement, the total sum is reported to National Practitioner Data Bank. So, filing a claim is such easy. We assist clients to file or follow up any cases and we offer comprehensive Malpractice Insurance for Medical Students and doctors at no additional costs. Talk to us today to claim your discounts.

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