How Do I Purchase Medical Malpractice Insurance for Students in USA?
How Do I Purchase Medical Malpractice Insurance for Students in USA

How Do I Purchase Medical Malpractice Insurance for Students in USA?

If you are a medical student and you have started practicing as a resident doctor, you may need to purchase Medical Malpractice Insurance. This is a professional liability insurance package that compensates patients in case they make a claim against you. Purchasing a Medical Professional Liability Insurance is not complicated since there are lots firms offering the same. First, you need to know the: category that works best for you, cost of premiums and requirements by the insurance companies. Then, you can proceed to buy the policy.

Types of Medical Professional Liability Insurance for students

Most insurance firms offer three categories of professional liability insurance for students. These are: occurrence, claims made and claims paid coverage. As its name suggest, an occurrence package caters for incidents that happen when your policy is in effect irrespective of when the claims are filed. This category is somehow costly since the premiums are based on future projections of claims that may be incurred and not yet reported. “Claims made” package covers claims that are reported during the policy period only and is the cheapest. Lastly, claims-paid coverage is based on projections of claims settled during a previous year. This one is used by trusts and may not be a good bet for students.

Cost of premiums

Once you identify the category of the professional insurance liability, it is time to analyze the cost of premiums across different insurance companies. To make this procedure easy and painless, it is advisable to send your profile information to insurance brokers and request a quote. Include as much information as needed by the firms in order to give you an accurate report. Insurance brokers may even narrow down your search to around three or five firms that might have the best package for you. It is advisable to choose the most affordable. However, don’t go for the cheapest since there might be a catch with some companies (for instance they might have lots of inclusions). Focus on benefits.

Understanding the requirements of the insurance companies

You now have the cost of premiums for the category that you chose in step one. The next step is to go ahead and analyze the requirements of the insurance company before they make your insurance plan effective. There is nothing difficult here. The company will just need your personal profile information including: your name, national security number, address, specialization, age, sex, level of experience and any other relevant information. Today, such firms accept documents via fax or email and most have representatives that may assist you on filling the same. After submission, the insurance companies will send you the final cost of premiums and the contract documents. At this stage, you can sign the policy document and make the payment and you’re now insured – so fast and easy, isn’t it?

Need more help?

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